A Hundred Days of Night


Every year, the gods of Olympus convene a court to talk about important matters and to pool their knowledge� it�s not often that all twelve of the family are gathered in the same room, and tensions are already running high without a conference to help things along. Hades, who is only allowed aboveworld once anually, is attending this meeting as well, though it is not something he enjoys. The god of the Underworld and his little brother, Zeus, share a strained and unhappy relationship, and it is for this reason Hades is reluctant to be present. However, the court this year is special in one way: Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, has brought her daughter to meet the Olympians for the first time in living memory. Persephone has been hidden away for years. No one has seen her since childhood, and to be absent during such an important introduction would be perceived as the rudest of slights. There have been rumors of discord between Persephone and Demeter� even whispers that Persephone has openly spoken against Zeus and questioned his choices. If anything, Hades� assistant said, it would be a shame to not at least meet this spirited troublemaker. And so, at the urging of that same assistant, Thanatos, Hades has put his best foot forward and come to court despite past misgivings, Though court is anything but dull, Hades finds it difficult to focus on the task at hand� especially after the worries his niece Athena shares with him. What he does not know, however, is that this is only the beginning.?

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